Creative Bamboo Industrial Co.,ltd.

Creative Bamboo Industrial Co.,ltd.
Creative Bamboo company is a leading manufacturer of all kinds bamboo related products in Huzhou City Zhejiang Province China.

Against local abundant bamboo resources, we produce many fantastic bamboo product which meet global market requirement. We have been in this line for more than 10 years.

At present our products have been covered following bamboo fields,
Bamboo bed, bamboo curtain (blind) , cast iron garden item, bamboo fence, bamboo furniture, bamboo handicrafts, bamboo horticulture, bamboo musical instruments, (flutes, panpipe, xiao etc. . ) bamboo net, bamboo outdoor project (bamboo gazebo, pavillion, bamboo bridge, bamboo tiki bar set) bamboo pole (bamboo stake, stick, flower stick) bamboo shelf, bamboo torch, bamboo rake, wallpaper, wall covering materials etc. .

All of our products are tasted natural and friendly environment, any interest from you do inform us, best service is guaranteed.
Huang Chongxin
[86] 572 7211201
4th FL. Fucheng Commercial
Huzhou, Zhejiang, 313000, China
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Huang Chongxin
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